Thursday, 31 March 2011

Magazine research

Genres and Audience for My Music Magazine

my genre of music magazine are punk rock. MY magazine will focus on UK artists making music within these genres and upcoming artists from the UK. I chose this genre as I believe there tends to be more of a focus on American music and artists. punk rock music is very loud vibrant and perky and different.

The demographic for my music magazine is 16-19 year olds, for both male and female as I have found that the majority of buyers for this genre of magazine are males and females. Punk music has allot of genre around the same music type. This includes Punk, rock, glamour rock and many more. I choose punk rock because I believed there was a gap in the market. I also believe its the most seller able because it aimed at both male and females and it versatile.

The target audience would also be working class or lower class and aspirers middle class. I believe this because punk rock music is not based on class but a life style.
Groups of people are generally associated with the music genres I have chosen.

I have chosen these demographics as when analyzing music magazines which have around the same demographic. I have found them to be successful in not only attracting a wide audience but also marketing their final product well. Being part of my chosen audience I have found magazines such as "BIG CHEESE”, a magazine initially aimed at male and was published in the UK and has been quite successful being widely marketed and distributed. Not only does this type of magazine establish general conventions of music magazines within the chosen genres, but also subvert the conventions by broadening the content of the magazine