Wednesday, 13 April 2011

First Draft content page Analysis 1

. i designed this brief outline of what the basic idea will be. More details will be added as I start work.

This contents page meets many of the rock music magazine conventions. Firstly, there is going to be a large poster-like picture. Secondly, there will be a minimal range of colours and fonts, however the ones that are used will be the same or very similar to those used on the front cover. The layout is also very conventional, with a large picture, and many relevant pictures, but more text eventually, explianing the articles in this issue.

My content follows forms and conventions of a music magazine content page showing clearly, page numbers, articles displayed on the front cover and other images featured in the magazine along with articles. it does link back to my my main content page and front cover. the colour scehme follows through, of hot pink. its eye cztching and the stroyline anchor the front cover image which brings the reader into reading the magazine. my representation of punkrock also help to link the front cover and content page. this is my first draft and i believed i had achieved most vital area of the maagzine in order oo it to agin the proffestional look.


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