Wednesday, 13 April 2011

First Draft Double page spread

these images were my first draft of my music magazine double page spread. I
have based this plan of my double page spread on real spreads from popular magazines. My design will have a large picture covering the entire left page, which follows the conventions of this text. ‘Supporting pictures’ of the celbretie hersef "lady Dada".

The colour scheme will come from colours used on my front cover and contents page, and also from the picture itself. my model AKA Lady dad wore colours that would relate the the background and text of the double page spread like the article with lilly alen. a simple  background will be used as the background for both pages, as this is the background colour of the picture that will be used, and fits previous colours.

the Text will be arranged into three vertical columns next to each other. This makes the text easier for readers to follow. it also how layout are used in real music magazines as i have researched before. Certain quotes or important words will be made bigger. and the models name would be emphasied

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