Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Final- Redraft Content Page

I believe there was an major imporvemnt from my first draft magazine andfinal draft. fistly with the image. although in my first draft the image was quite clear, the image did not  relate to the punk rock genre i was going. by changing my imagine to a model, with pink hair, pierced tongue it look more punk rock to me. Also by me changing the the image i was able to bring relation from the front cover t the content page to the double page spread. the model was able to advertise herself in the way a magazine would. the new imagine in my final draft is very sharp and effctive and represent punk rock.

in my first draft there was not alot of text on my content page. but in my fnal draft i increased the text and gave a more clearer form. the links between each sentence was made more clearer and bold, like conent page shoul look. i saw this through the anaylsis of other music maagzine i studied. my final draft was simple yet had alot of information with the side bar including gigs to festiva and clubs which i believed the reader would enjoy.

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