Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My Final Re-drafted Double Page Spread Magazine

This is my final idea for my double page spread. I changed the main image to give it more meaning to the article she is now in a pose saying "oops" and the picture then anchors that. I've also included more text and made it more readerable. I follow through form the content page and front cover page colour scheme. the image is clearer and sharper. it has more mening

the Zebra background also brings the punk rock convention. I used the same article throughout all the double pages (of an interview) which presents an formal & normal view of the magazine and of the Kizz.the reason for me deciding to use the final draft because the large imagine and very versitle background. I wasn't sure how to fill the spaces in and after debating and experimenting with some Text, decided it This Version would work work.

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