Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Questionaire & How my magazine will be distributed

Frequency: twice a week

Cover price:2:50

Publisher:cheese magazine 

Unique Selling Point: Free poster and discounts

below I designed a questionnaire to distributed in order to help me come to the conclusion for my magazine with things like frequency and cover price. below is a video of some of my recorded result and below is a sample of my questionnaire and why i  choose the questions

1.How old are you?
This help me to determine what my main Targeted audience 
Would be in order to gain most profit to the appealing audience

2. How often would you like to receive your music magazine?
I asked this question because i think its appropriate to know
 how often a magazine is likely to be distributed so you can 
recognise how much information should be given

3. What price would you like This magazine?
This magazine will help configure the pricing of the magazine. 
The price needs to be of a reasonable amount so my target
 audience will be willing to buy it, this question will determine that price.

4. Knowing it is a punk Rock magazine would you buy it?
this can help me recognize if there is a gap in the market for the genre punk rock and if the audience will be more interested

5.From these three option what would make you buy this music magazine: price , interviews or inspiration
his will determine if my target audience would like
 the magazine to be purely about music or include 
other things that they are interested in.

6.In your in opinion what would you be expecting from the magazine
i asked this question to consider what other aspect the audience 
would be deciding on in the deciding factor of if they buy the 
magazine or not. the question help come to a conclusion that 
extra little things like freebies would help improve the readership 
of the magazine

7. does the colour pink represent punk rock
this question would help me with my design of the music magazine
 in seeing whether colour is important and how colour will be portrayed
 on a punk rock magazine

8. is punk punk rock feminim,  masculine or both
this question helps me to decide whether
 to aim my magazine at both genders or just one. 

Below is a video of a few people answering my Questionaire.

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