Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Prelimary research

I had to do intense research to produce my school magazine, I looked at different types that had the same genre. I looked at the different images, titles of the conventions 

I looked at the design of theses school magazine front covers to help me to come to a design for my main school magazine. i tryed to follow same techniques and order. the simplistic of school magazine yet brings across a strong imagine

The masthead for theses school magazines are very simple. This works well as it is easily recognizable and is suitable for a magazine as it is not too long. The letters are in bold stand bright and stand out fiercely for example Phoenix. The font is written in white and contrasts well with the black background, 
There are not specific one gender either the imagine is of both male and female (phonenix) or of a different item like a tree (the modern school)  therefore it makes the magazine appeal  both genders. The colour that the cover lines are written in are bright eye catching enough to attract there age group they are targeting at.

The college's magazine's is usually aimed at a further education college. the magazines must offer Work Based Learning programmes, providing apprenticeships for 16 to 24 year old, and also offers a wide range of A/AS levels. the school magazine strike has Competitions  

in the modern school  school magazine there is no image resulting in there being no fixed idea on age either, which shows that the college is open to everyone.

The choice of image represents a relaxed atmosphere, this will appeal to the audience as you would like to be relaxed in college. A different sort of image is portrayed in school magazine that in music magazine. no  associating the college with 'the street' but a safe place. 

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