Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Doubl page spread Analysis

In this article, the artist is again taking up a full page of one of the double page spread she is the central imagw. She is dressed casually but her hair and eye make uo is very dramatic and loud which makes up for her casual clothes. the image representation could resemble she may look calm but really is not. the picrue achors the text. Her stance is quite challenging which could connect to the title of the article as she is stood with her hands on hips, suggesting she is being quite defensive. The title is on black cut out ragged slabs. this represent teh genre of hard, punk rock. It takes up most of the page, and some of the second page, to attract readers to the article. A consistent font is used but the letters vary in height; the title is also a quote from the artist which is explained later on by the allen artist is made to stand out in red, which could have been used to tie in with the colour of her shirt.

his is a double page spread of Kerrang with an exclusive interview of the band “My Chemical Romance”There is a large picture on the left side page of the mazgazine which seems to be quite common on double page spreads. The pictures have a black and white theme which is seen throughout the double page magazine title ares blood and folow a solid and hard colour scheme. The words “the best MCR” are highlighted as being bigger and bolder this helps to bring importance the anchoring the imaging.The style of writing is informal which suits the rest of the magazine as being a rock magazine. The beggining has a large highlighted ‘M’ on signifying where the beggining of the text is and makes it easier for the readers to find the article and read it.There is a qhirw sidebar on the right of the page with more inormation. although its white it does not bring away attetion from the main image and purpose of the magazine.I could use aspects of this in my magazine.

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