Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Front Cover Final

My Final Front cover was  a big change compared to my previuos draft. everthing is now more put together and cleaned cut. text became more readerable and personally was more attrative. in my first draft i did not follow the convetions of usually music magazines. but aftet i studied how music magazine and front covers are emant to look i changed it immediatly. in my first draft there was the background was of strip whcih i fought was apporiate because i believed it repsented punk rock and stood out. but afetr  a while and through feedback i relised the lines made it difficult to read the music magazine. form other magazine i studied the attetion wasput on the model rather than the abckground. In my first draft i did the opposite way. so i changed this in my final draft and made my model have more attetion. with a more plain background.

The text in my Front cover is now more eader able and the image is anchor more easilt. in my first draft it was not clear why the image was there of what was the main story. in my studying of music magazine i noticed tehy emphasis on the front image on being there main article. So  i Emphasied the image of my final draft making it more appeealign to the the readers. i enlarged her nake to countinue that music magazine convetional effect,

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