Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Targeted Audience for prelimary task

Targeted audience is a targeted group,  the primary group of people that something is aimed at

My targeted audience was teenagers aged 16 – 18 + in college or six form college My audience had to be diverse because it involve male and female and I did not want to only focus on one sex so that if my I was to I wanted to make more profit knowing my magazine has a larger targeted audience. It also extend to the audience of parents so they know that what there child has done in school and what they may have achieved because the articles involve best student of the year and examination times 

By this I decided to make my design colourful and use a unisex colour like blue that would be appealing to both sexes and blues is quite a mature colour and is neutral 

My title chameleon was meant to represent changing life's i.e. like a chameleon changing colours is how a college student changes life 

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