Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Cheese magazine front cover analysis

  • The title cheese magazine,  is in capitals letters making it bold and  very visible and vibrant to the readers and is also very large making the magazine cover eye-catching. The colour of "cheese" is a dark but still noticeable.  it can suggests  the audience can varies to both genders because the colour is neutral. the cheese seem's bit destroyed which suits the genre of the music.

  • This is the main image of a rock star. He has been edited   to come across as perfect and flawless, faultless and natural, this will attract and appeal to  more women for the simple reason of finding him attractive and good-looking. The image also appeals to  boys as they may want to aspire and be like him, also rock music has no gender. it's not male or female.the imagine covers the main title showing  that the magazine is well known and the tittle does not need to be shown or displayed fully. the audience should automatically known which magazine it is. this show that the design is different and unique. the picture is rebel like with man with a blade in his mouth. his eyes are red as though posses which i believe suit the genre of the music.

  • "bullet for my valentine" the colour is white and red which causes the story to stand-out and separate it from other on-goings on the cover. The words stand out so vibrantly that you can see  it's the main story of the magazine making it most important but still not driving attention  away from the main image or title.

  • the colour scheme. there is 4 main colours, red white yellow and black. there are used in very different ways. the yellow seem to be used in the less important parts of the magazine to bring more attention to it. the main background is red. this is still a strong colour which can be represented for the punk rock genre which could be blood or power.

  • other promotions which help to attract more readers are the free poster. the sentence starts of with white and then in yellow says "free poster". this is done distinctively and brings importance because the way the colour scheme is done.
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