Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Feed Back of My Prelimary Task

"The background was plain and boring it had no depth to it. It looks more like a newspaper” so I change the back ground to blue and increased the colour of the title by making it a rainbow colour.
“Be more focus on the titles” I had numerous amounts which I could not decide on which to pick which wasted time . I had to find something more appropriate and meaningful like chameleon which meant people changing life’s like chameleons changing colours
"Very nice and bright" the Blue was appealing to both Female and male audiences

"the tittle is colourful and seems quite meaning for" I tired to bring meaning to the school magazine because i believe that is what will catch the readers eye. so i carefully conveyed ut un order to receive more audience

What I believed would have helped me to improve my task is to have research into photo shop and indeisgn more. understand the tools and become more adaptive. this would help me to achieve the highest possible stand of work and help me to know the functions more.My main improvement was magic wand. I had to learn how alter between selection of the picture which gave it a high definition finish.

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